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About us

Original Artesano offers a time age tradition that enriches the space with culture and detail. 

Hand-crafted cement tiles date back to the oldest civilizations from Egypt to The Paris International Exposition of 1867, where they debuted and quickly spread to the Europeans and American markets. 

Inspired in our vision by centuries-long tradition of this form of art, our handmade designs range from classic to contemporary, luxurious to modern and empowering you to make it your own. 

Our luxury terrazzo cement tiles and designs come in different shapes and sizes, making this hand-crafted art a one-of-a-kind experience each time.

Durable and never overlooked, our team collaborates with most skilled artisans from around the world to provide the highest quality cement tile without compromising environmentally friendly standards. 

Vivid colors and distinctive designs are hydraulically pressed onto the surface for a sleek finish. Our high-quality, certified cement tile art collections cater to your function and preferences. Our services allow for the customization of colors, textures, shapes, and drawings.