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About Cement Tiles

Hand made cement tiles are expression art as well as a design solution. Containing eco-friendly components from cement, sand, marble dust and color pigment, and thus can vary over time, often leading to beautiful changes in the shade and tone of your tile. These changes are a natural process of hand made cement tiles. We recommend, depending on the size and nature of your, project ordering 10 - 15% extra, in order to insure the best color match to complete your installation. Not ordering overage could delay your project and the next batch could have more variants of colors than your original order. Additionally we highly recommend having a professional tile contractor calculate the measurements and quantities of tiles required for your project. Original Artesano’s tiles can be used in home and commercial projects, on both wall and floor applications.

We recommend contacting us for our super thin tile.

Product Components

Wear Layer or Color layer has a 3-5 mm thickness. Composed of: White Portland Cement, Marble Dust, Silica Sand, Calcium Carbonate, Mineral Pigments for Color (i.e. Iron, Cobalt and Chromium Oxides)

Tile Body 10-12 mm in thickness. Compesed of Gray Portland Cement, Sand, Calcium carbonate

Manufacturing Tolerance

      • For 20x20 cm tile:
      • Length/width: +/- 0.4 mm
      • Height: 0.7mm

Average Coefficient of Friction

      • Unpolished / dry: 0.88 
      • Unpolished / wet: 0.92 
      • Polished / dry: 0.83 
      • Polished / wet: 0.68 

Slip Prevention Rating - R9 as tested by the Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitsschutz (BGIA) (Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - Germany), untreated raw tile. 

Abrasiveness (scratch-resistance)

      • 3-4 Mohs - (Comparable to marble) DIN 18500 
      • Assessment according to DIN 18500 in preparation. 

Freeze/Thaw Resistance

Like concrete, cement tiles are not resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and should not be used outdoors where freezing temperatures may exist.

Acid Resistance

Cement tiles are not resistant to acids and should be cleaned with pH neutral cleaners.

Use in Wet Areas

We recommend using high quality sealant for we areas such as shower, spa, or pool use. Not using such can make your tile more susceptible to stains.